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Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing in NSW Public Schools

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. This includes strengthening their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. Parents entrust their children and young people to principals, teachers and school staff with confidence that schools will deliver on this agenda.

Wellbeing Framework for Schools

The Wellbeing Framework equips schools and their communities to support students at each stage of their development and to do this through quality teaching, learning and engagement.

Schools will achieve this through planning and decision-making at the local level to meet the needs of their students. This work is underpinned by high standards, clear expectations and counselling and wellbeing resources. 


Strengths-based approach

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools enables schools to build on the individual strengths of students and positions them to succeed and thrive throughout life. The framework complements a range of education reforms across NSW public schools.

Wellbeing in schools website

This website is the department's central reference point for wellbeing in schools and is organised around the key concepts of Connect, Succeed and Thrive. The website brings together key wellbeing policies, legislation and resources for public schools.