Revesby South Public School

Strive to succeed

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Revesby South Public School offers a high quality K-2 sports program. It is designed to provide students who excel in certain skills to reach their personal goals and is constantly adjusted to help support all students improve their abilities, including those with physical special needs.

The K-2 sports program takes place every Friday from 10:15-11:25am, which includes an assembly to hand out sports awards. Each child participates in rotating activities that develop their basic skills such as hand eye coordination, throwing, kicking, jumping, running, skipping skills and ability to work in a team. Each activity is designed to develop their physical skills throughout the year and teach each child how to live an active lifestyle.

Students in K-2 are also provided with the opportunity to take part in sport programs that come to Revesby South Public School such as Gymnastics, TriSkills, Dance Steps, Jump rope for heart and many more.