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School Captains

School Captain's criteria

At Revesby South Public School, the children, the SRC and the Captains have developed a Leadership Policy.  As a result of this, a set of criteria has been established for all children hoping to become candidates in the election for captains this year. Students need to consider how they are working to meet these points if they are aiming to be a captain.

All the children who wish to be nominated as candidates need to meet the criteria listed below:

  • Shows enthusiasm about taking responsibility and initiative and is committed to doing the job of a captain
  • Takes pride in our school and is a loyal citizen who always wears full school uniform
  • A person who sets an excellent example in the classroom and the playground in both behaviour, work habits and attendance
  • A student who displays good communication and organisation skills
  • A polite, well mannered person who listens to teachers and students
  • A person who shows kindness and empathy to other students
  • Shows an interest and involvement in extra school activities e.g. school disco, performing arts concerts, choir and sporting events etc
  • Someone who represents Revesby South Public School with pride in the wider community
  • Uses happy talk to everyone
  • A student who takes care of their own rubbish and puts it in the right bin.

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