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Student leadership

School captains

At Revesby South Public School, the children, the student representative council (SRC) and the captains have developed a leadership policy.  As a result of this, a set of criteria has been established for all children hoping to become candidates in the election for captains this year. Students need to consider how they are working to meet these points if they are aiming to be a captain.

All the children who wish to be nominated as candidates need to meet the criteria listed below:

  • Shows enthusiasm about taking responsibility and initiative and is committed to doing the job of a captain.
  • Takes pride in our school and is a loyal citizen who always wears full school uniform.
  • A person who sets an excellent example in the classroom and the playground in both behaviour, work habits and attendance.
  • A student who displays good communication and organisation skills.
  • A polite, well mannered person who listens to teachers and students.
  • A person who shows kindness and empathy to other students.
  • Shows an interest and involvement in extra school activities e.g. school disco, performing arts concerts, choir and sporting events etc.
  • Someone who represents Revesby South Public School with pride in the wider community.
  • Uses happy talk to everyone.
  • A student who takes care of their own rubbish and puts it in the right bin.

Student representative council

The SRC has been a part of Revesby South Public School' culture for over 18 years. The SRC membership is made up of two representatives from each class, from Year 2 upwards, that the children in each class have chosen to represent them. In addition to these children, the student executive body is made up of Sports Captains, Vice Captains and School Captains. They become automatic members of the SRC as they have been selected to represent the school by election processes.

The SRC meets fortnightly and discusses issues that have arisen in each classroom meeting. They then approach the Principal and staff of the school and implement action plans.

Previous projects the SRC has worked on are:

  • fundraising to support various charities over the years such as Jane McGrath, the Fred Hollows Foundation, the Fire Brigade, Westmead Children's Hospital, Jeans for Genes Day, Stewart House, canteen (children with cancer) and various overseas countries that have experienced severe tragedies.
  • changing the school hat from yellow to black
  • seeking support from the P&C to have asphalt playground markings
  • creating a happy and safe playground with playing equipment
  • sponsoring a world vision child in Africa
  • organising class sport games at lunchtimes
  • holding school discos
  • running breakfast club

Library monitors

At Revesby South Public School we have ten Year 6 Library Monitors who are in charge of shelving the books and keeping the library tidy. They are always available to help other students - they're great at finding just the right book! Every year, during the book fair, the Library Monitors are there to lend a hand.

Library Monitors complete extensive training at the beginning of the year and are important leaders in our school community.

Sports captains

The Revesby South Sport Captains are students that are nominated by their peers and are voted in by the whole school. They display the highest standard of the schools code of conduct, initiative and dedication. 

These students hold many important responsibilities throughout the school and represent Revesby South Public School in many ways and forums. They need to be well organised, be positive role models for their peers and communicate with students and teachers in a clear and respectful manner.