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Principal's message

Revesby South Public School was built upon the bush rock and clay in a time when the local community and the country were still finding its feet after the Second World War. The community grew as many servicemen and women obtained affordable government housing in the area with Hero's Hill – a returned servicemen club located nearby.

The school emblem has the undying flame, which is a symbol of remembrance to the service and sacrifice by our forbearers in war. It also represents the Olympic flame, which provides the ‘light of spirit, knowledge and life' with the city of Melbourne hosting the Olympic Games two years after the school opened.

Revesby South is and always will be a community school based on the principles and values of the servicemen and women that reflect courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

The school has seen many changes over the years in regards to the physical layout, student numbers and staff but it has always had a strong culture of improvement, widespread recognition and excellence in the creative and performing arts and high performance in sport. More recently we have entered the digital age, with dozens of computers, laptops, iPads, robotics, virtual reality devices, interactive boards and a couple of go-pros to engage our students in becoming digitally literate.

The school has an extremely committed, passionate and professional team of early career and experienced teachers who strive every day to improve the wellbeing and education of all students. Our vision is to make the world a better place by enabling excellence and equity, fostering creativity and curiosity and inspiring innovation so our students can be successful, actively informed and powerful learners in a rapidly changing world.

In the last seven years, our teachers have implemented Literacy, Language and Learning (L3) across K-2, Targeting Early Numeracy (TEN) and Taking off with Numeracy (TOWN) programs. Teacher support has been focused in the early years of schooling and additional services of speech pathology and occupational therapy target our special needs students. Our teachers utilise much of their spare and personal time on learning and improving the way they teach and ensuring that all students learn to be literate, numerate and curious. Unlike other magicians, they teach each other their tricks with high levels of transparency, accountability and collaboration.

Our school believes our students have the right to quality educational opportunities that develops their knowledge, skills and social connectedness in a culture of excellence, equity, creativity and innovation. Every member of our expert teaching staff will continue to develop their repertoire of teaching skills, unpack and develop engaging curriculum, ensure ongoing and targeted assessment for learning and encourage and facilitate the student voice.

Together, we want our students and teachers to be enterprising and resilient, have the freedom and confidence to take risks and use their initiative to demonstrate their creative abilities.

Our school leaders will drive our vision with a core aim to develop their colleagues’ individual and collective capacity to be lead teachers by modelling exemplary pedagogical practices, supporting their colleagues when challenges arise both personally and professionally and ensuring that laughter becomes contagious.

Our connected community will be continuously encouraged to present their ideas as a collaborative partnership with the school and support the celebration of equity, entrepreneurship, excellence, creativity and innovation because we all must begin to understand that the future is changing and not yet determined.

In summary, this is a great school!

Christopher Whitten

MEd (Leadership)