Revesby South Public School

Strive to succeed

Telephone02 9773 8886

School dates and times

Term dates 2024 (for students)

  • Term 1 - Thursday, 1 February -  12 April (Kindergarten first day Monday 5 February)
  • Term 2 - Tuesday, 29 April - Friday, 5 July
  • Term 3 - Tuesday, 23 July - Friday, 27 September
  • Term 4 - Monday, 29 August – Wednesday 18, December


Staff Development Days – students do not attend

  •  30 & 31 January, 29 April, 22 July and 19 & 20 December

Daily timetable

  • 9:15am - Commencement bell & morning assembly
  • 10:15 - 10:30 - Fruit Break
  • 11:25-12:10pm - Lunch time
  • 1:40-2:00pm - Afternoon tea time
  • 3:15pm - Dismissal bell


Before and after school care

Your child's safety is very important to us. Supervision in school grounds begins at 8:45am. For your child's safety, it is important that they do not arrive before this time. If, in an emergency, you need to drop your child off before 8:45am, they are to sit on the silver seats under the small awning, next to the school's Administration block.

Scooters and bikes

Please ensure your child does not ride any scooters, bikes or skateboards on school grounds. We thank you for your understanding that this is for the safety of your child and other children in the school. They may be carried or walked onto the school grounds and stored safely. Once outside of the school, road safety rules apply.

Morning bell time

The morning bell will ring at 9:13am and again at 9:15am. This is to allow the students time to get into their morning assembly line, wait for their teachers and be ready for morning announcements. It is important to start your child's day on a positive note, so please ensure they arrive by bell time each morning. Please assist by standing well away from the assembly lines, to allow all classes to easily move to their rooms. Parents are also requested to please not follow their child to their classrooms.

Late arrivals

Students that arrive to school after 9:15am are to be accompanied by an adult to the front office to sign a late note. Please note that repeated lateness may be reported to Home School Liaison Officer.