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Revesby South Public School's library is a centre for information services and technology. It plays an integral part in the learning programs at our school.



Opening Hours

The library is open from Monday to Wednesday during school hours: 9.15am - 3.15pm.  




Reading Philosophy


Rights of the Reader





Students may borrow during class library lessons. Borrowing limits vary according to the student's grade.




 Borrowing expectations.

The use of library bags is encouraged. Please make sure your child's name is clearly labelled on their bag. A plastic shopping bag is preferable, as they are water-proof, inexpensive and LARGE!




Overdue/Lost/Damaged books

Books may be borrowed for one week.

If a student wishes to keep a book for another week they must bring it in to have it renewed.

If a book is damaged beyound repair, the student must pay for a replacement at the office.

Overdue notices are sent home weekly. Resources which have been overdue for one month or more are regarding as MISSING.

If a book has been overdue for a month or more the student's borrowing rights will be suspended until the book has been paid for. Payments must be made at the office and the money will be used to buy a replacement book.


Lunchtimes in the Library

During the second half of lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays (11:55am-12:10pm), the library is open to students.

Students may play board games, or have fun with puzzles, Lego, puppets and other educational toys. Many students also like to read quietly on the cushions. The computers are also popular! Students take turns to use the interactive whiteboard at lunchtime.




The Collection

The library collection incorporates a wide range of print, multi-media and electronic resources for use by students, teachers and parents.

Resources are accessed through the OASIS online catalogue and the networked computers in the library and the computer lab.

The resources are selected to suit the age and abilities of students, and reflect the values outlined in the NSW Department of Education and Communities documents.




Information Technology


Students at Revesby South Public School often visit the library to use the computers and printers. 



All of our computers are connected to the Internet and we also have an interactive whiteboard.


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We are very grateful to have volunteer parent helpers who cover books. Please contact the teacher librarian if you would be interested in covering.

We have many wonderful student library monitors who shelve books and keep the library tidy.


Rewards System


We use the interactive online program CLASS DOJO as our "borrowing and behaviour tracker".

EVERY STUDENT has the opportunity to score "points" on Dojo. Students receive points if they remember to return their books on time, try their best during the lesson, listen actively and/or volunteer to do "jobs" (such as tidying the bookshelves). Students can also score bonus points if the teacher librarian is impressed with their reading. She especially likes it if students borrow a variety of genres and can tell the class about the books they've been reading.

Dojo rewards students for BEING ORGANISED. It is not a reading competition. Many students in our school have trouble remembering to bring EVERYTHING they need for school EVERY DAY. The students who DO remember deserve to be rewarded.

Students can lose points on Dojo if they:

* forget to bring their library books back to school

* are disrespectful or messy

* choose not to follow instructions or rules.

At the end of each term, we make a list of every student who has scored 100% positive points on Dojo during the term. These people are invited to a lunchtime popcorn party to celebrate their commitment to good behaviour and great borrowing!

We also send home Dojo reports each term, so parents and caregivers can track how their child is doing. Parents can access their child's Dojo profile online at home anytime.

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Each week the librarian gives out two awards at assembly. The BOOKMARK AWARD is given to a student who has been choosing (and reading) books that are a bit different to the ones they usually borrow. The BOOK PRIZE is awarded to a student who regularly selects (and reads) a wide variety of books.

We have parents and students to thank for the free books we are able to give out. When you place orders with Scholastic Book Club, they send our library lots of freebies!




Scholastic Book Club

Twice each term, teachers distribute Book Club brochures to students. Students take the flyers home to select books, software or other items with their parents.

They then return order forms and payments to the school. Our school places the orders with Scholastic Australia and within three weeks, the books arrive.

Purchasing from Book Club helps to support our school library, as we receive free books from Scholastic. The more books students buy, the more freebies the library gets!


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Once a year, our teacher-librarian completes a stocktake. Stocktaking is a Departmental requirement and the library is closed during this time. During stocktake, every book is scanned, dusted, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. It is a great chance to ensure all resources are in their proper place, to redo labels, to change barcodes and to remove outdated resources from the collection. The stocktake is always completed at the end of the year so that the students begin their new school year in a clean, tidy and organised library.


Special Events

 We have celebrations in the library during Education Week and Book Week.

Look in the latest Friendly Link for news of library events.



Please come to visit us in the

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