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School planning and reporting

Planning and reporting help us meet the needs of our community, improve the quality of teaching and enhance outcomes for all of our students.

School plan

We have developed a 3-year plan in consultation with our community, connected to a budget and student outcomes.

The School Excellence Framework underpins our school planning and reporting approach. The framework provides a clear description of the key elements of high-quality practice across learning, teaching and leading.

The school plan is highly strategic, focusing on 3 key areas for improvement we have determined in consultation with our community. It demonstrates our alignment and commitment to excellence as part of public education in NSW to ensure a profound difference to the ongoing growth and development of our school.

As a preliminary step, the school designed and conducted evaluations and surveys of previous programs from the last planning cycle. This included a homework task for students to complete with their parents where they were asked to discuss the three most important things Revesby South Public School (RSPS) can teach them.

Then the staff gathered evidence from internal and external sources such as smart and plan data and from evidence based programs such as language, learning and literacy (L3), targeted early numeracy (TEN) and taking off with numeracy (TOWN) programs. Analysis of the data led to the investigation of other evidence based programs and high quality processes that have the greatest leverage.

Staff and the P&C collaboratively developed the school vision and aligned it with the three strategic priorities. Consultative decision making occurred in various forums such as professional learning meetings, stage meetings, Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) meetings and student representative council meetings.

Staff then began backward mapping from products and practices, to identify people and processes required to achieve the planned improvement measures. This included looking at building the capabilities of students, staff and the community to implement transformative practices.

Feedback from staff and the community occurred as part of the drafting process before being endorsed by the principal and director of public schools.

Download our current school plan:

School annual report

The annual report provides an account of our operations and achievements throughout the year. It is the result of rigorous self-assessment by staff, parents and carers, as well as student leaders.

Download our annual reports for a detailed account of:

  • the progress we have made to provide high-quality educational opportunities for every child as set out in the school plan
  • the impact of our strategies for improved learning
  • the benefit to all students from resources including equity funding
  • our operations and achievements throughout the year.

Download our current annual report:

Download previous school plans and reports: