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Establishing Routines and Setting up a Learning Environment

1.      Get set up

●        Allocate a dedicated space in your home to work, with a desk and chair if possible

●        Review your current accessories – extension cords, mouse, headphones etc – make sure you have everything you need

●        Make sure you can connect to the internet – please contact the school if this is a problem

●        Be safe and secure - Consider how you can ensure your study from home environment is safe.


2.      Daily routine

●        Get dressed so you feel ready for a normal school day

●        Log in to your Google Classroom

●        Check your home school timetable

●        Exercise – get outside if you are not required to self-isolate and go for a walk or jog, take regular stretch breaks, find a workout/yoga class on YouTube

●         Drink lots of water and stand up regularly

●        Sit at a desk or table – put your monitor at eye level by putting it on a box or book – don’t work slumped on the couch

●        Write a to-do and done list and share it with a friend to keep yourself motivated


3.  Support

●        Working remotely for an extended period of time can be isolating and lonely – make sure you check in with your classmates regularly via Zoom or ask parents to call them

●        Try a mediation video or app

●        Do something to make you feel happy: Watch a comedy, read a good book, help in the garden, exercise, practise/learn a musical instrument, learn magic tricks, learn to draw, sing along with a musical.