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Learning from home

In response to the current health situation and the advice from the NSW Premier for parents/carers to keep students at home where possible we have designed units of work that will be delivered to all students, whether they are learning at home under the supervision of parents or at school under the supervision of teachers.




Google Classroom and Class Dojo are implemented across the school and are the platforms used to provide work and feedback. 

We are using Zoom to connect with our students. Advice in regards to how this works will be communicated by your child’s teacher. The purpose of Zoom is for teachers to give some explicit teaching instruction and for students to interact with one another.


We understand some families are having difficulty accessing technology. If this is you, contact the school and we may be able to support you in this area. If technology is not an option, then again contact the school and we will post or deliver a paper pack for your children.

Teacher-parent-student contact

All teachers will be in contact with families either via phone or online platforms such as email or Class Dojo. Some teachers will be contacting you by their personal mobiles from home and may have blocked their number for privacy reasons. If a ‘No Number’ comes up, it could be the school trying to contact you.

With the delivery of Zoom, phone contact with students may subside. For instructions on how to use Zoom see Guidelines for Video Conferencing.

Routines and structures

 It is important that the students are completing work every day. The rhetoric coming from our political leaders is that mode of operation is not a short term arrangement. As a result, we will do everything we can to support the learning of your child throughout this pandemic.

Please note that working timeframes, ie 9am-3pm is not feasible for most children. Break the day into short sharp bursts with regular breaks, select what is most important not what is the most fun and make sure you get out and burn some energy.  Take each day as it comes with great success some days and not so good ones the next – the staff truly do get it, so pick your battles and enjoy the time with your children.

For more information please see Establishing Routines and Setting Up a Learning Environment.

Marking Of Student Work

- Teachers will mark and provide timely feedback to students about their online work, that is, turned in google classroom activities and monitoring of Mathletics, Wuska tasks etc.

- We ask parents to support their children on this learning journey and provide feedback where they can on their work. This could include marking work such as maths sheets or maths mentals. This will ensure students do not continue to make the same mistakes and grow on their learning journey. We understand parents have a lot to do and there are many external pressures at this time, this is just a request for where possible.​

Roll Marking

We will monitor student attendance by recording those students who are online with us and/or are submitting their online tasks daily. The classroom teacher will make contact with parents when their child has not been online or submitted tasks over several consecutive days.

What if the student or a family member are sick?

A family member needs to email the class teacher and inform of the illness.  Students will then be exempt from tasks.

If a family member is considered a close contact and has had to isolate, please keep your children at home.

Most importantly look after yourselves and your families. We recognise that this is a tough time medically, emotionally and economically. Do the best you can with students home learning. If you do not have great day or week supporting your child in home learning, that is to be expected, just let your child's teacher know all the work was not completed due to other things happening at home.  All that we ask is that you do the best you can in these times. 


Parent Guides and Links

Suggested guide for hours of learning

Family wellbeing

Obviously student wellbeing is critically important, however our advice to parents is to do your best and maintain your own wellbeing. If it is all too much or you are having difficulty, please reach out to the school or your own support structures. We are here to support as much as we can. For a list of services available to parents see Support Services for Families.

Online Learning and Well Being Protocols

Revesby South Public School is committed to providing an active and engaging online learning environment for all students. The following guidelines are to support online learning.

Learning from home without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact the school to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child.